How to remove soap scum and hard water stains from a fiberglass shower

Cleaning a fiberglass shower.If you have a fiberglass shower that has a textured non-slip floor, you probably know how hard it is to keep it clean. Soap scum and mineral deposits from the water build up in the indentations and are almost impossible to remove. This is a problem I fought for years. I was able to keep the rest of the shower clean, but the floor really had me stumped. No matter what product I tried or how hard I scrubbed, it never looked completely clean.

Then one day I had the brilliant idea to search for a solution on the internet. To say that lots of people have the same problem is quite an understatement. There were recommendations for all of the solutions I had already tried, and a few that I hadn't thought of. The one that solved my problem was to use Easy Off Fume Free oven cleaner on the shower floor.

I was very nervous trying something that I viewed as such a radical solution. What if it permanently damaged my shower floor? Well, I figured that nothing else had worked, and the people who had tried it said that it really worked for them and didn't harm their showers, so what the heck. IT WORKED! Now my shower looks like new! It removed every trace of the unsightly gunk, and the shower floor now feels so nice on my feet.

NOTE: Apparently it is important not to use other types of oven cleaners to clean fiberglass showers since they can actually damage the surface. Although Easy Off Fume Free oven cleaner has a different formulation from the others, it still should not be used on aluminum.

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Lisa Way
Software Author
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