How to Create Your Cleaning Schedule

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Starting Let’s Clean Up! for the first time - use the Schedule Setup Wizard!

The first time you start up Let’s Clean Up!, the program will ask if you want to set up your cleaning schedule. If you answer "Yes", it’ll start up the New Schedule Setup Wizard, which is the simplest way to create a brand-new cleaning schedule.

The first thing the wizard does is to ask you how often you plan to do most chores, and whether you plan to do most chores on one certain day of the week. I’m entering that I plan to do most chores every two weeks, and I’m leaving the day of the week blank because I don’t plan to do chores on any one particular day of the week.

Next you’ll see a screen that lets you enter information about chores that you’ll do in your bathrooms. If you have more than one bathroom, enter a different name for each bathroom. Then edit the list of chores that will be done in every bathroom. If you add a chore, make sure you enter it in the blank space at the end of the list.

Next, you’ll go through the same process for your bedrooms.

The screen for the kitchen works the same way, except that the program assumes that you don’t have more than one kitchen.

Then you can enter chores that you do outdoors.

Then list all the rooms in your home other than bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. First, delete any rooms from the list that are not in your home. Next, add any rooms that are missing from the list. You can change the name of a room. Finally, put a check mark next to each room where you plan to do the chores listed to the right. Then edit the list of chores if necessary.

The last screen in the wizard lets you add chores that didn’t fit into any of the previous screens.

You can always fine tune and change your schedule as needed

When you click the "Finished" button, the wizard creates your cleaning schedule for you. Then you can use the "Set Up Schedule" feature to fine-tune your schedule and assign chores to specific people or groups of people if you desire.

Once you experience the dynamic attributes of the Let’s Clean Up! program, and how your schedule flexes to meet your needs based on your cleaning preferences, you will never want to go back to static, pre-printed chore lists again.

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