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Motivating your cleaning team

One of Let’s Clean Up’s exciting new features is a system for accumulating and managing points that you can use to motivate and reward yourself and your teammates for a job well-done. You provide the rewards, and Let’s Clean Up! keeps track of everything else.

Give thought to your rewards

To get started, think about what types of rewards would be most effective. Be creative! Make sure each team member knows what they’re working towards, and how many points they’ll need. If you do this step right, your team will be clamoring to do the more difficult chores!

Now, how does the system work in Let’s Clean Up?

First, go into "Set Up Schedule" and enter the number of points that each chore is worth. It’s also a good idea to assign a rotation list or team member to as many chores as possible so that it’ll be easy to keep track of who earned the points for each chore.

When you finish cleaning, make sure that the team member and number of points is correct for each completed chore. You can also enter bonus points if someone did an especially good job.

To see how many points have been earned and to redeem points, use the "Manage Points" feature.

Enter the name of the team member first, and you will see a summary of the number of points they’ve earned. There is a button to see a detailed report that lists of all the points that the team member has redeemed so far.

To redeem points, just enter the number of points to be redeemed and a description of what they’re being redeemed for.

It’s that simple!

Here are some reward ideas to get you started:

For kids, you might offer TV or video game time, special meals or snacks, a special toy, pocket money, or special outings. You are the best judge of what will help motivate your kids!

For adults, you might offer a backrub, a trip to a favorite restaurant, or whatever type of entertainment that person most enjoys. Make it something that’s worth working for.

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