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Why use Let’s Clean Up?

The Let’s Clean Up! program makes it easy to keep your home clean and in order. It keeps track of all of your household chores and tells you which ones need to be done each day. By using the program, you gain a sense of control over your household responsibilities that you may never have experienced before.

Different from a standard chore list

If you’ve searched online, you’ve probably found plenty of static chore lists and maybe you’ve even tried to create one for yourself. But if you’ve tried using one of those lists, you’ve probably found that it wasn’t nearly as helpful as you hoped. Static chore lists are far too rigid.

Let’s Clean Up! is different. It’s not just an unchanging list of all the chores that will ever need to be done. It actually produces a different list of chores each day, depending on how often you’ve said you want to do each chore and when you last did each of them.

Adapt to YOUR desired schedule and task timing

Let’s Clean Up! is adaptable to your family and your lifestyle. It allows you to describe each chore with as much or as little detail as is appropriate for you and your cleaning team.

Add the detail you need

If you have young children, you can provide detailed instructions such as "Take everything off the top of the dresser, dust each piece and the top of the dresser, and then put everything back. Dust the bookcase. Dust the lamp.", whereas you might only enter "Dust all horizontal surfaces" as instructions to adults.

As your children get older, it’s easy to change the chore descriptions if you desire.

Built in optional reward system

Let’s Clean Up! has a built-in points system that can help motivate and reward you and your team for a job well-done. The program allows you to award a different number of points for each completed chore. You provide the rewards, and the program keeps track of how many points each person has earned towards them.

You might actually start to look forward to cleaning!

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