How to Use the Let’s Clean Up! House Cleaning Software The Basics

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Using Let’s Clean Up! is a 3-step process:

First, set up your cleaning schedule. Then, when you’re ready to clean, print out your cleaning checklist for the day. And finally, when you’re finished cleaning, tell the program what you accomplished.


The program has a wizard that makes it easy to set up your initial list of chores.

After you’ve used the wizard, you can use the "Set Up Schedule" feature to fine-tune your schedule. You can:

  • Add, delete, or change chore descriptions
  • Change how often each chore should be repeated
  • Assign chores to specific people or groups of people
  • Enter the number of points each chore is worth

Ready to Clean:

When you’re ready to start cleaning, click the "Ready to Clean" button. Just enter the date and which team members should be included, and up pops your cleaning checklist. You can print a single checklist, or a separate one for each person. You can also set up the program to use different print sizes for different team members. Print the list, then, as you clean, check off the chores you completed on the list.

Finished Cleaning:

When you’re finished cleaning, click the "Finished Cleaning" button. Enter the date and which team members should be included, and then you’ll see the Finished Cleaning Checklist. Using your printed checklist as a guide, mark which chores were completed. If you’re using our reward system, you should also make sure that the correct team member’s name is selected for each completed chore and adjust the number of points awarded if necessary.

Pretty simple, right?

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