Rotating Home Chore Responsibilities

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About Chore Rotation Lists

Rotation lists allow you to rotate chores between groups of team members. Each chore in your cleaning schedule has a field where you can select the list of people who will do the chore in a rotating order. You don’t have to use rotation lists if you don’t want to, but they can help you assign chores more fairly and keep your cleaning team members from feeling like they’re stuck in a rut doing the same chores every time.

When you attach a rotation list to a chore, the program automatically selects the first name on the rotation list as the person who will do the chore next. You can change that name if desired.

When you use the "Finished Cleaning" checklist to complete a rotated chore, the program uses the rotation list to determine who will be assigned to do the chore next. If you change the name of the team member who completed the chore, it also changes who’ll do the chore next.

Setting and Changing Chore Rotation Lists in Let’s Clean Up!

To manage your rotation lists, click the "Edit Rotation Lists" button.

Each rotation list has its own name. You can go directly to a specific list by selecting its name from the drop-down list, or you can use the browse buttons to page through all the lists.

You can change the name of a rotation list by first going to that list and then typing the new name.

To add a new rotation list, click the "Add New Rotation List" button and enter the name of the new list. You also have the option of copying all the team members from an existing rotation list into the new list.

To add a team member to a rotation list, first go to that list and then select the name from the drop-down list or type in the name of the team member at the end of the list.

To delete a team member from a rotation list, first go to that list and then click on the name of the team member you want to remove. Then click the "Delete Row" button.

A chore will be rotated between team members in the same order that the members are listed here. If you want to change that order, you can use the "Up" and "Down" buttons below the list.

To delete a rotation list, just go to the list you want to delete and click the "Delete Current Rotation List" button.

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